The COLORADO featured on Textura's Top 20 of 2016 -

The Colorado (VisionIntoArt / New Amsterdam Records)

Though it's still fairly early in Roomful of Teeth's career, the group has received so much acclaim, it's hard not to look upon it as an American treasure. Its remarkable vocal polyphony is on full display throughout The Colorado, a visionary project that attempts a re-imagining of documentary film possibilities. Yet while it was conceived as a film project, the audio component holds up exceptionally well on its own; in fact, it's in its album form that one most naturally experiences the work as a Roomful of Teeth recording. Strengthening the impression further, the composers featured—William Brittelle, Glenn Kotche, Paola Prestini, Shara Nova, and John Luther Adams—are ones whose works one might easily expect to find on a Roomful of Teeth release.