4.2.16 - NY Times - Review: For Roomful of Teeth, It’s All About the Polyphony
"The voices and percussion meshed to colorful effect, the story propelled by a high-energy blend of stylistic influences including reggae, hip-hop and rock, with Mr. Cole a charismatic contemporary bard."

12.1.15 - - CPR Classical's Favorite Releases Of 2015
"hypnotic and intensely moving”

10.27.15 - - Roomful of Teeth Redefines Choral Music
“It all feels so easy, looks so casual. But it sounds unlike anything.”

10.19.15 - NY Times - Review: Roomful of Teeth, Making Nerdiness Cool
“On the L train from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after an impressive concert by the vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth on Saturday evening, I overheard a young woman enthusiastically describe the group as “like a glee club, but cool in a really nerdy way.”

10.6.15 - NY Times - Review: Terry Riley Works at National Sawdust
“Brad Wells conducted the superb Roomful of Teeth singers in a plush, enveloping performance with…precisely focused execution of Mr. Riley’s piercing, sustained harmonies.”

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